SmarConf™ HART Configuration Software


Package includes:

SmarConf™: Configuration software for Windows in a CD

SmarKey™: USB license hard key that enable the software to run Online


  • The best configurator, maintenance and troubleshooting tool for SMAR HART® devices
  • Install the configurator in various computers and place the SmarKey™ to run it Online
  • Use the internal PID controller, Volume Totalizer, and set the characterization curve
  • Program the Root extraction for flow calculation and choose a User Unit
  • Recognizes HART® devices from other manufacturers or treat as generic devices
  • Can work ONLINE or OFFLINE. Upload, download, and save configurations
  • Real time parameters changing. NOTE: User needs to take safe precautions
  • Save configurations and keep historic graphics with up to 4 variables each
  • Track signals in real time. Great for tune-ups, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Loop current simulation to verify line integrity
  • Set the working range digitally or by applying a reference variable.
  • Do all this remotely or close to the device with a easy to use graphic interface
  • Use any universal USB-HART interface or get a SmarConf interface bundle
  • Compatible with Win7, Win8 and Win10


Download Flyer in PDF


  1. Bobby Hadley on February 6, 2022 at 6:34 pm

    Good day
    We work in the chemical industry with many Hart protocol instruments in the field. Recently trying to purchase a new 475 communicator we are seeing they are no longer supported or being made. Our technicians use a surface pro currently to keep up with permits and work orders. Is this software something that can be installed on the surface pro and used to communicate with the instruments for parameters and set up.

    • smarusa on June 17, 2022 at 3:32 pm

      Dear Bobby,

      The SmarConf HART Configuration Software and interface is used to fully configure any SMAR HART field device. However, it can also configure other HART devices since they do not carry factory specific features. Best way is to try and see if it can do all you need.
      The SmarConf HART configurator needs to be installed in a PC or Table that has Windows as the operating system and has a USB port to connect to our PC-to-HART interface. Once the Surface Pro uses Windows, you should be ok.
      Please, contact sales at for more details.


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