Smar International Corporation (SI) was initially registered in the state of New York in 1988. Later on, it was transferred to the state of Texas where we are till now.

From the initial mission of developing products for SMAR, a company founded in Brazil, it also embraced the task of selling and supporting some of the products in the US and Canada.

From the development view, SI has contributed to the development of many products that are part of SMAR portfolio of products today.

SI sells, manufactures and support some of the SMAR products in the US and Canadian market.

We offer a large range of products, however not all the products seen on the SMAR official site (www.smar.com) are available in our territory.  This may occur because of special licenses or another commercial issue.

This Site

SI created this site to present dedicated information to the US and Canadian market.

In this way, we intend to have a better communication with our Clients and Representatives.

We will keep an updated Blog and will open the possibility to hear your comments.

In no way, it has the intention to replace the most complete site of SMAR (www.smar.com).

SMAR site is a full featured with the complete line of products and is the ideal place to access a large amount of literature.

You may find, catalogs, manuals, technical articles, recent developments in process control technology and more!

Visit SMAR site now:  www.smar.com


We dedicate to marketing, sell, support and manufacture some of the SMAR products for the US and Canadian market. Product quality, robustness, availability and client satisfaction are our goals. Click on the graphic above to find your local a representative..

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Get products or sales status support by calling or emailing us. Before you return a product for upgrade, calibration, repair, or any other issue, you will need to fill up a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form. Click on the graphic above for details

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