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Established in 1978 to support the ethanol industry, SMAR has expanded its focus to include energy generation, oil and gas, water treatment, food processing, chemical, and other sectors. Our products' reliability and robustness have enabled us to provide solutions for various applications, including nuclear plants and military projects. SMAR offers a broad range of products for industrial automation, covering devices from the control room to field instrumentation. Our products and third-party devices can be integrated using our System-302 (a truly distributed control system).

History of Innovations

SMAR has a long history of innovation in industrial process control and automation. We were the first to introduce a powerful stand-alone multi-loop PID controller that was block-configurable using a rich graphical user interface (GUI) app for PCs. Our library of function blocks was also highly sophisticated.

In addition, we were pioneers in implementing the HART® and FOUNDATION® Fieldbus protocols for field transmitters. Furthermore, we introduced field pressure transmitters that are capable of measuring, totalizing flow, and controlling valves using an internal PID control, all in a single unit. This innovation eliminates the need for an external PID controller in many applications.

Freedom and Safe Cloud

SMAR gives customers freedom of choice by offering a variety of technological alternatives. For instance, with our line of field transmitters, controllers, and positioners, you can select the most convenient communication protocol for your plant. Choose from 4-20 mA, HART®, FOUNDATION® Fieldbus, PROFIBUS®, Modbus, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, and others. SMAR devices are available with a large variety of measuring ranges, materials, certificates, accessories, painting types, and network connectivity.
Additionally, we offer highly secure cloud storage for your data, and the SMAR System-302 manage all connectivity for seamless integration across your entire plant with a safe backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

“After several months of operating Smar Density Transmitters on the
fermentation tanks, we experienced an improvement in the quality of
our production process as well as improving product quality through
the continuous measurement of Plato Degree.
The continuous measurement of Plato Degree enabled to precisely
trigger when we start our maturation process and consequently,
significantly reduce our power costs.
We were also able to increase production, as we no longer needed to
sample offline, which we had found contributed to added time, labor
and waste to our production process”.

"We have many visitors in our plant that show a kind of reluctance when they see the amount of SMAR transmitters that we use in our processes.   Need to say that we are using them for more than 12 years now and they proved to be very reliable and easy to work, even when you compare them with other well-known brands.

We use their differential pressure transmitters, gauge transmitters, temperature transmitters, and their valve positioners.  They are easy to maintain and if installed properly and into the specs they will deliver a great performance to the plant.  All we do is to take care of our maintenance schedule accordingly."

"It is sad to know that still many people are not familiar with SMAR line of products.  We keep recommending them due to their great performance and durability"

"Our guys are impressed with Smar valve positioner. The FY301 has no mechanical contact with the valve stem. No gear or mechanical parts in the way! Everything works with a magnet connected to the stem and a hall-effect sensor built-in in the positioner. We have never seen a solution that clean!

This positioner can be adapted to rotary or linear stems. They also offer brackets to fix the positioner to different types of valves, besides the fact that they also have a universal bracket that is very handy for many types of valves.

After installation, all you need to do is run what they call "a one-touch setup".  Fast and brilliant!!"

"We remember when the first companies were implementing FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices, they were announcing a very limited among of Function Blocks in the field device internal library.

It is clear to see that SMAR has been way ahead on implementing FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. Since the beginning they were offering the largest amount of Functions Blocks.  Plus, the fact that their Function Blocks could be instantiated as needed by the application.  Other manufacturers were accustomed to charge accordingly to the amount of unlocked Function Blocks.

You don't have this type concern with SMAR transmitters!"

"What I like about SMAR is the high-quality technical implementation.  You can see that on their products. They are full of features, well made, and extremely durable.

It is also notorious when it comes to system integration.  They have most of their products in HART, FOUNDATION, or PROFIBUS protocol."

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