CD600 PLUS Multi-Loop Controller

The CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller is a powerful stand-alone control device. Most importantly, it is capable of simultaneously controlling up to 4 loops. This is because it comes with a reach function block collection that can even customize the functionality of the front panel.   Besides that, the CD600Plus Multi-loop Controller counts 8 PID’s function blocks that are part of a control library with more than 120 function blocks.  that comes by default in the library.

As for control capability, the CD600Plus Multi-loop Controller can replace as many as eight traditional controllers, numerous signal conditioning modules, and wiring. Therefore, this stand-alone controller can replace up to 8 PID controllers and accomplish sophisticated strategies.  This includes, among others: step control, modulated On/OFF control, ratio, flow compensation, cascade, lead-lag, bump less transfer, batch control, linearization.

The high reliability of the CD600 Multi-loop Controller has earned a great reputation from a wide range of high-end users. Thousands of these units are spread all over the world, in all types of industrial segments. This covers from the most simple to the most complex controlling solutions.

The CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller was designed, developed and manufactured by SMAR.  It is consolidated and trusted in the automation industry after many years of successful field proven experience.

As a result, flexibility and application versatility characterizes the CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller.
Even more, programming the control strategy is accomplished by interconnecting the function blocks using and easy to learn graphical interface application for Windows.

CD600Plus Options and Defaults:

  • AC or DC power supply input are the only variations available
  • The complete function block library is available by default.
  • The advanced Windows configuration tool is included for free.


💎 Up to four independent control loops with up to eight PID
💎 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, 8 discrete inputs and
8 discrete outputs.
💎 72 x 144 mm DIN panel with analog and digital indication
in an 8 digit alphanumeric display for PV, SP and MV.
💎 Built-in 24 Vdc 200 mA power supply for up to 8 field
💎 More than 120 function blocks are available for user

💎 Detachable terminal blocks for easy maintenance.
💎 Easy data transfer between operator workstations and
control systems using the CD600 OPC server.
💎 Multi-Drop RS-485 serial communication port.
💎 Adjustment of control options through the front panel.
💎 Depth of 25 cm.
💎 Available RS-485 to Ethernet converter.

Programmable Front Display

The frontal display in the CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller is programmable using a dedicated function block. As a matter of fact, it can shows the loops and variables of interest.

Front View Function Block

See below the multi-loop controller function block dedicated to configure the front panel.

Front Block Multi-loop controller

CD600 Windows Configurator

Advance and easy to learn configurator


Multi-loop controller configurator

CD600Plus Multi-Loop Controller OPC-Server

SMAR multi-loop controllers can be integrated in any DCS (distributed control system) that is compatible with the OPC standard. The SMAR CD600Plus OPC server will make the device data base of variables and parameters ready to the network. Besides, it also implements the communication traffic from the OPC Client to the CD600Plus.

Multi-loop Controller OPC

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