BFY-CL Adapter for Large Displacements

BFY-CL is a coupling device for the FY family of SMAR positioners, designed for applications in several different models of final control elements. Typically it increases the capability to measure large displacements.

BFY-CL attends to the needs of modulating controls for processes requiring strokes way longer than 100 mm in the final control element.

The operation principle of BFY-CL is based on the oblique split rule, reducing a original long stroke to a short one, orthogonal to the original travel.

Applications goes from the modulation in control cylinders of long stroke to acting as floodgates of high capacity.

The BFY-CL is used with the FY301 / FY302 / FY303 / FY400 SMAR positioners.

Available in HART®/4-20 mA, Foundation fieldbus™ and Profibus PA communication protocol versions.


  • Easy installation;
  • Available in carbon and stainless steel;
  • Diagnostics through the FY family positioner;
  • Multiple uses.

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