TP300 Position Transmitter Series

The TP300 is a smart transmitter for position measurement, suitable for linear or rotary displacement or movement. Its digital technology and communication provides a friendly interface between the field and the control room, presenting features that considerably reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs.

Rotary and Linear Measurement:

The TP300 uses a magnetic coupler without physical contact for position measurement. For this reason it is immune to vibration effects and provides longer operational durability. The magnetic coupler replaces the mechanical connection a significant dead band reduction and preventing inaccurate  results from wearing out by use. The TP300 may be installed in any equipment with linear or rotary motion and a variety of other devices such as  skylights, dampers, rollers spacing, crushers, etc.

Choose Your Protocol:

The TP300 series is available in the HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA Technologies. These devices can be configured with the Smar software configuration tools, and those from other manufacturers. Local adjustment is available on the TP300 series. The magnetic tool is used to locally configure the control parameters and several functions.

Non-Contact Pick-up


The TP300 also offers other advantageous functions in comparison to other position transmitters as:

  1. Linear movement range from 3 mm through 100 mm: for longer courses, consult our BFY-CL Series catalog;
  2. Rotary movement range from 0° to 30º until 0° to 120º;
  3. Local or remote configuration through HART® 4 to 20 mA, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA protocols;
  4. Multifunctional, easy to use, local rotary display;
  5. Easy to install, fast commissioning and adjustment;
  6. Configuration protection by password;
  7. Protection against reverse polarity;
  8. Hall-Effect contactless position sensor that measures the device movement;
  9. Remote sensor version available with extension cable for applications with difficult access or involving high vibration and high temperature.
pressure transmitter

Optional Sensor Extension

The position pick up sensor can be separated from the transmitter unit in case that process vibration is an issue.

pressure transmitter

TP300 as a Valve Position Feedback





Position Transmitter
Valve or Other Device
Safety Feedback
Rotary or Linear
0° to 120°
Course Extender
No Contact Sensing
Local or Remote Sensor
User Units
Other Protocols Avail.

Mounting Brackets for Linear and Rotary Available for Many Valve Models

The TP300 may be mounted on any linear or rotary valve, actuator or a variety of other equipment, such as skylights, dampers, rollers spacing, crushers, etc.
The Position Transmitter mounting depends on the type of movement it is applied, be it linear or rotary.

By using the mounting bracket supplied by Smar, it is easy to install the position transmitter in a wide variety of devices.

Mounting brackets for linear or rotary courses or remote sensor applications have an “L” shaped profile for fixing on a 2” pipe.

Extend the Linear Displacement Size

To measure linear movement beyond 100 mm stroke, use the BFY-CL. See catalog link below.

Literature and Links


TP300 Catalog (Includes Dimensions)

BFY-CL Catalog (Extended linear displacement)


TP300 Series at

TP301 at

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