The SmarConf™-W8

The SmarConf™-W8 is now released for sales.

SmarConf™-W8 is a full HART configuration package. It comes with the SmarConf™ configuration software and includes the SmarConf-W industrial USB-to-HART interface.  The interface also has a built-in software license key.

The SmarConf™-W industrial USB-to-HART interface features 3 convenient operating modes:

Mode 1) Regular field mode. Connect to a transmitter that is wired accordingly with the installation guidance for a HART® device. Transmitter must have a Power Supply and a minimum load of 250 Ohm resistor in the loop.

Mode 2) Transmitter must be connected to a Power Supply, however the interface SmarConf™-W will provide the internal 250 Ohm resistor.

Mode 3) Great for the workshop or during a demonstration.  The interface will provide Power and the 250 Ohm resistor for the transmitter.

“Just connect the 2 cables from the SmarConf™-W interface to the transmitter and you are ready to communicate!”

All this with a 8″ high resolution tablet full featured with Windows 10 and SmarConf™ installed.

Download SmarConf™ software flyer in PDF

Download SmarConf™-W interface flyer in PDF

SmarConf-W and W8 User Guide

See other configuration options

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  1. jimandrews on February 2, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    This is a must tool. Comes with 3 operation modes. What a great idea!!
    The USB-to-HART interface can be connected directly to a Transmitter on the bench without a power supply or a 250Ohm resistor. The interface can provide power and the resistor in the line and the set up is ready.
    Exactly, hook it on a transmitter and you are ready to read and configure the Transmitter parameters.
    Of course, you can also change a small switch on the side of the interface and work on any installed Transmitter on the field.

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