FY500 Nozzle-reed with Coil Valve Positioner Series

  • Mounting on linear actuators according IEC 60534-6, stroke from 12 mm to 200 mm;
  • Mounting on rotary actuators according VDI/VDE 3845, NAMUR, from 30° to 120°;
  • Auto tune procedure, automatic adjustment of control parameters and valve range;
  • Local operation and configuration of the device using magnet tool and LCD interface;
  • User-friendly rotary display;
  • HART® configurable;
  • FDT/DTM capability and connectivity;
  • Supply pressure up to 10 bar (150 psi);
  • The spool valve high volume output with minimal steady-state air consumption;
  • Built-in position feedback provides a 4-20 mA signal for position verification;
  • Optional modular design with two limit switches allows reliable position feedback;
  • Design to meet Explosion Proof, Intrinsic Safety, European ATEX directive. (Certification Pending

The FY500 valve positioner can be installed in a large variety of valve brands in the market. Besides, SMAR has a large list of dedicated brackets to meet the best installation in valve from different manufacturers.  Please, consult our sales department.

Transmitters Types:

  • FY500H and FY500F Valve Positioners:

    The models FY500H and FY500F offer digital communication based in HART®, FOUNDATIONTM protocol. Digital communication simplifies  calibration while providing remote diagnostics and extra features.  Their microprocessor-based electronic circuit board allows for total interchangeability of the electronics while keeping the same position sensor.

  • Linear and Rotary Measurement:

    It supports rotary or linear actuators.

  • Single or Double Action:

    In addition to other features, the SMAR FY500 Valve Positioners can be configured to work with single or double action valves.


FY500 Valve Positioner

Non-Contact Pick-up


Choose the right protocol for your plant

Available in different communication protocols: HART®  and FOUNDATION® fieldbus. Great for any control system, easy calibration wizard, maintenance, and provides remote diagnostics.


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