SmarConf™-W Interface and Configuration Software



Package includes:

SmarConf™-W: 3 Modes USB-to-HART industrial interface with drivers for Windows.

SmarConf™: Configuration software for Windows in a CD


  • Connects to a transmitter in 3 different modes:
    • Regular connection to an installed field transmitter
    • Adds the to 250 Ohm resistor when needed
    • Provides power and the 250 Ohm resistor
  • Just connect to a HART transmitter and you are ready to go!
  • Communication interface with a built-in license for the configurator software
  • Install the configurator in various computers and place the interface to run it Online
  • Use the internal PID controller, Volume Totalizer, and set the characterization curve
  • Program the Root extraction for flow calculation and choose a User Unit
  • Recognizes HART® devices from other manufacturers or treat as generic devices
  • Can work ONLINE or OFFLINE. Upload, download, and save configurations
  • Real time parameters changing. NOTE: User needs to take safe precautions
  • Save configurations and keep historic graphics with up to 4 variables each

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