FY300 Non-Contact Valve Positioner Series

FY300 Non-Contact Valve Positioner Series is a line of valve positioners designed with a unique non-contact magnet sensing to determine the position of the valve.

SMAR used a genuine solution to make this valve positioner to stand. Most noteworthy, it uses a magnet and a Hall effect sensor to determine positioning.  This new system allows to obtain the measurement without using any mechanical gear that can get dirty or worn out with the time.

The FY300 valve positioner can be installed in a large variety of valve brands in the market. Besides, SMAR has a large list of dedicated brackets to meet the best installation in valve from different manufacturers.  Please, consult our sales department.

Above all, it can handle Linear strokes from 3 mm to 100 mm and Rotary motions from 30 to 120 degree.

Transmitters Types:

  • FY301, FY302 and FY303 Valve Positioners:

    The models FY301, FY302 and FY303 offer digital communication based in HART®, FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA protocol. Digital communication simplifies  calibration while providing remote diagnostics and extra features.  Their microprocessor-based electronic circuit board allows for total interchangeability of the electronics while keeping the same position sensor.

  • Linear and Rotary Measurement:

    All the SMAR Valve Positioners can use the rotary magnet to different sizes of linear magnets to determiner position.

  • Single or Double Action:

    In addition to other features, the SMAR Valve Positioners can be configured to actuate on single or double action valves.


Non-Contact Pick-up


Choose the right protocol for your plant

We offer the same model in different communication protocols: HART®, FOUNDATION® fieldbus or PROFIBUS® PA . Great for any control system, simplifies calibration, maintenance, and provides remote diagnostics


Linear and Rotary Magnets

The SMAR FY300 valve positioner can sense a linear or a rotation movements from the valve. You can choose a linear magnet in  four different sizes. FY300 Valve Positioner

Remote Sensor

The FY300 valve positioner has the alternative to place the magnetic sensor away from the positioner. Due to this fact, this feature makes it convenient for applications where this separation can provide reliability or longevity for the measurement. For instance, in places that there a strong vibration or a very hostile environment.

Valve Positioner with Remote Sensor

Single or Double Action

Smar valve positioner can be configured to work with a single or double action valve.  Choose single or double-action at the purchase time and the fitting will come properly for the application.  Nonetheless, this feature can also be easily changed at anytime.

FY300 Valve Positioner Assembly

It Fits Practically Any Valve Size and Brand

The FY300 valve positioner can fit most of the existing valves. For very big ones, it may be necessary to add an air-buster.
When it comes to installation, we have a large line of brackets ready to offer.  We can also do bracket customization on demand.







The BFY is a bracket set oriented to facilitate the installation of a SMAR FY300 valve positioner or the SMAR TP300 position transmitter on the valve body. Some are showed above.

The device and the position pickup need to be assembled over the valve. There are exceptions when the user chooses to place the device and the position pickup installed remotely from each other. This is a great solution to avoid damages due to local vibration or operation hazards related to the environment.


Literature and Links


FY300 Catalog (Includes Dimensions and BFY info)

BFY-CL Catalog (Extended linear displacement option)


FY300 at smar.com (Headquarter Site)

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