TT300 Universal Temperature Transmitter Series

The Smar TT300 Universal Temperature Transmitter Series include a line of  transmitters dedicated to measurement  temperature from a variety of RTDs, TCs, and other sensors.

This Universal Temperature Transmitter can also read from sensors that delivers a resistance or mV output. Most typically found on pyrometers, load cells, position indicators, etc.

As a result, it is also classified as a Universal Transmitter. Therefore, it also counts with a 16 point curve that can be customized to any the input sensor.
The TT300 Universal Temperature Transmitter Series accepts up to two sensors and may operate in one of the following modes below:

• Single channel with single sensor measurement;
• Dual channel with dual sensor measurement (except HART protocol device);
• Single channel with two sensors (same type) in differential measurement;
• Single channel with two sensors (same type) in backup measurement;
• Single channel with two sensors (same type) with maximum, minimum or average signal selection (only HART protocol device).


HART® - 4 to 20 mA
• Excellent long term stability due to auto-zero at the input circuit;
• 2-wire, 4-20 mA output plus direct digital communication;
• Special 16-point sensor characterization;
• Update output current in 0.5 s with 1.5 uA/bit resolution;
• Improved performance due to dedicated math co-processor;
• Multi-drop operation mode;
• PID control function;
• Match sensor (Callendar Van Dusen equation);
• Maximum, minimum and average input sensor selection, also working with two sensors simultaneously;
• Pt1000 included in sensor list;
• Setpoint generator function;
• Supports DTM, DD and EDDL.

• Self-diagnosis;
• Dual channel;
• 12 mA consumption;
• 19 different types of function blocks for control strategies and advanced diagnostics;
• Up to 20 function blocks;
• Execution of up to 29 external links;
• Dynamic block instantiation improves interchangeability;
• FOUNDATION Fieldbus(TM) registered and ITK (Interoperability Test Kit) approved;
• LAS (Link Active Scheduler) capability;
• MVC (Multivariable Container) enabled.

• Self-diagnosis;
• Dual channel;
• 12mA consumption;
• 2 analog input function blocks;
• Integrated to Smar Profibus View and Simatic PDM;
• Supports DTM and EDDL;
• Profile 3.0 improves interchangeability.

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