FI300 Fieldbus to Current Converter

The FI300 Fieldbus to Current Converter is a very useful device in plant revamps.  Consider a situation where you are upgrading your instrumentation from a good old line of products to FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA.

Imagine the fact that some instrumentation could be very expensive and they may be still working well. There will be no sense to replace them just because they cannot be integrated in your new network.

Here comes the FI300 Fieldbus to Current Converter.

Each FI300 will be able to receive up to 3 current signals via the digital network and convert them to 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA outputs.

FI300 Fieldbus to Current Converter Types:

FOUNDATION Fieldbus to Current Converter - FI302

Up to 3 current signals from the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 network will be available as 4-20 mA signals to plant devices.

PROFIBUS to Current Converter - FI303

Up to 3 current signals from the PROFIBUS PA network will be available as 4-20 mA signals to plant devices.


The FI300 comes in 2 models. One for FOUNDATION Fieldbus and other to PROFIBUS PA integration.The output currents can be individually configured to a conventional 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA.

With the FI300 Fieldbus to Current Converter you can send your current signal coming in a digital bus to up to 3 devices as 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA. Consequently, this will give a considerably reduction on installation costs, operation and maintenance.

Now you can make a good legacy devices to participate in the digital world!

Detailed Features

The FI300 line is available as FI302 (FOUNDATION™ fieldbus) and FI303 (PROFIBUS-PA) converters. This equipment makes easier the integration of conventional 4-20 mA equipment with automation systems with digital technology.
Supports up to 3 fieldbus control signals to be converted into 4-20mA current signals.
They are available on FOUNDATION™ fieldbus e PROFIBUS-PA technologies.
The converted signals can be used for speed control on frequency converters, valve positioners, electric actuators or any other equipment with 4-20mA inputs.

Power supply through H1 bus: 12 mA @ 9 a 32 Vcc;
Digital input signal compliant with IEC 61158-2;
Analog input signal accepts any values between 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, while the conventional equipment is powered by external supply;
Exactness: ±0.03%;
Housing in aluminum or stainless steel 316;
Configuration via engineering stations through tools based on EDDL and FDT/DTM or local adjustment;
Integration with Profibus automation systems through GSD file ;
Explosion-proof and intrinsically safe (ATEX (NEMKO and DEKRA EXAM), FM, CEPEL, CSA and NEPSI);

Function Blocks:
- Up to 20 Function Blocks dynamically instantiable for the FI302 with capability
of LAS backup master;
- 1 Physical Block, 3 transducer blocks, 3 Analog Input blocks, 3 Totalizers and
1 Display Block for FI303 adjustment;
- Fail-safe functions.
- Compatible with Profibus Profile 3.

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