SMAR Product-Trial

Not sure if a SMAR product can perform as you wish? Look for your local Smar Representative or call Smar international Corp. and ask for a SMAR Product-Trial.

What is the Product-Trial promotion?

Basically you can try a product and still get a special discount when you decide to keep it.

Product-Trail is a promotion offered by Smar International Corporation (SMAR) for those in the industry interested to submit a device to a specific test to confirm, in an experimental way, that the product can accomplish a determined task (term and conditions applies). Product-Trial is a deeply discounted promotion to test a qualified product for a fraction of its cost. Plus, if the customer decides to keep the device, an extra discount is applied at the final invoice.

Tests during the trail period will be flowed up by a Smar technician for guidance and support.

If you are interested to try a product or just know more, please fill up the small form below and a local Representative will contact you soon.  You can also find your local Representative information under contacts us and place a call to talk about the Product-Trial right now!  In the same way, you can call call Smar International Corp. for more details (713-849-2021).

Contact me for Product-Trial information

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